Insaani khayalat Aur Shaitaani Waswasey 

Aj Kal logo ke Halat is kism ke Hai ke humesha tafurkat o khayalat mein ghom hote Hai. Yeh khayalat ibadat mein bhi mukhil (dakhil) hote hai. Aur yeh tafurkat zada tar duniyawi hote Hai, jinke wajah se hm humesha uljeh hote hai,  kisi se sanzidgi se baat bhi nahi kar paate, mejaaz chid chida […]

comparison between one who has knowledge and one who does not

There is no comparison between one who has knowledge and one who does not The Shaykh (rahima-hullaah) mentions: ((There is no comparison between one who has knowledge and one who does not, just as there is no comparison between the living and the dead, and one who hears and one who is deaf, and one […]

Meaning of Ahl-ul-Fatrah

Q. Who are Ahl Al-Fatrah (people having no access to Divine Messages)? Is it true that some of them exist now? A. Ahl-ul-fatrah are those people who were not informed of the message; they did not hear of the Qur’an or of the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him). Those who have heard of […]

knowledge is Religion

mam Muhammad Ibn Seereen (110H) said:  “Indeed, this knowledge is religion, so look at (be careful of) who you take your religion from.” Source: The Introduction of Saheeh Muslim

The Description of Ilm (Knowledge)

Ibn Taymiyyah رحمه الله There are many from the students of knowledge whose intention in seeking knowledge is nothing except for the attainment of leadership or wealth, and for every person is that which he intended. As for the people of knowledge and religion, they are the (true) people of knowledge.  This is what’s intended […]

The best time for reciting Surah Al-Kahf

Question: “Dear virtuous Shaykh, will he (the reciter) get the reward for reciting Surah Al-Kahf (if he does it) in the night of Al-Jumuah (i.e. Thursday night); will he obtain the virtue of reciting Surah Al-Kahf?” Answer: “No. Reciting Surah Al-Kahf is (to be done) on the day of Jumuah (on Friday), it’s recitation is […]

Who are the scholars you would advise to take knowledge from?

Question: “May Allah be good to you and bless you. A questioner asks and says: Who are the scholars you would advise to take knowledge from and return back to in the nawazil (calamities)? Please benefit us, may Allah benefit you.” Answer: “I hope that they are the scholars that we have here in Saudi Arabia because […]