Aqeedah Waastiyah | Shaikh Yasir Al-jabri Madani 

First time in Jeddah – Free Short Course of Aqeedah with Certificate from Dawah Center.
Sharah of AlAqeedah AlWaastiyah

(ِA Book by Shaykh Al Islam Ibn Taymiyyah(R.A.))
by Shaikh Yasir AlJabri Madani

Shaikh Ibn Baz (RA) Auditorium –

Dawah Center (Jaaliyaat) – Kilo 14 – Sharq Jeddah

GPS Coordinates: 21.448341, 39.303102

Google Maps:

Every Friday Morning

From 9:30AM to 11:00AM (In Sha Allah)

Class 1

Class 2

To be continued In Sha Allah 


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