404cd-shigar.jpgBismillah irrahman irrahim

Hadith : Shigar marrige is not allowed in islam
(Nikah-e-Shigar islam mein jayaz nahi)
Urdu Translation:

Rasoollallah Salllallahu Alaihi wasallam ne Nikah Shigar se mana farmaya aur wo ye hai ki koi shaksh kisi se kahey ki tum mujhse apni ladki ki shaadi karwa do aur main apni ladki ki shaadi tumse karwa du ya tum mujhse apni bahan ki shaadi karwa do main tumse apni bahan ki shadi karwa du
{Sahih Muslim, 3469}
English Translation:

Abu Huraira Allah be pleased with him reported that Allah’s Messenger may peace be upon him prohibited Shighar. Ibn Numair added: Shighar means that a person should say to the other person: Give me the hand of your daughter in marriage and I will (in return) marry my daughter to you; or marry me your sister, and Iwill marry my sister to you.

{Sahih Muslim, Book #008, Hadith #3299}


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