Joining sister group on whatsapp

🔴بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 🔵

🔥Joining a women’s whatsup roomto learn Arabic in which the teacher is male                                   

💎Question :Is it permissible for a woman to join a sisters whatsapp room (many ladies). But the ‘teacher is a male’ to learn Arabic? Is it even allowed for this brotherto even teach these sisters ❓❓

Answer:Shaykh initially told if the male teacher is not speaking face to face to women and also the person is not an innovator and there is no problem on teaching women, but later one of the students informed the Shaykh that in whatsup room a person can know the phone numbers of the women and can talk to her privately then the Shaykh told it is better to avoid this as it is a means to trails and also advised the women not to make chat groups.

📚Answered by : Shaykh Abu bilal

📝Translated the summary of Answer by : AbdnNoor Al-hindy

Source : Source


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